Compensation Claims– what you need to know

Compensation claims
Posted on: May 30th, 2018

You may be wondering what the term compensation claims covers – well fear not, because our team of property experts are here to help. Have you been denied quiet enjoyment of your property? Have you recently been subjected to works that have impacted your home life by either public or private bodies or their works? Maybe you have to sell your property as part of a compulsory purchase order?

If any of these sound familiar, you could be entitled to make a compensation claim. Here, our experts outline some of the most common property issues for which you may be able to make a property compensation claim:

Compulsory Purchase

The Compulsory Purchase System is an order which allows specific bodies (usually the government or council) to buy land or property already belonging to someone for a certain reason, usually if it is seen as for the greater public good without their consent. Examples of a compulsory purchase order include the expansion of or improving public transport links, or providing power to an area. While it is deemed necessary to buy a property, potentially sometimes against the owner’s will, it can be distressing for homeowners who may have frequented the property for a number of years and have not been looking to move. Compensation claims may be sought in the event you have been subject to a compulsory purchase.

Highways Compensation

Sometimes it may be deemed important for a community or area and for the economy for a new road to be built to cater for new facilities or an updated infrastructure. This can often impact on local residents and their land, or the quiet enjoyment of their property. Highways works can disrupt daily living in a number of ways, including causing disturbance or for your property to depreciate in value due to changes you could not have foreseen when you purchased your property.

Pylon Claims

Again, pylons may be deemed necessary to be implemented near your home, but whether you are actually able to make a claim depends on where exactly these are located. Despite the fact they are seen as a necessary structure, pylons can be an eyesore when located close to your property.

The pylons do have to be on your property or land for you to be able to claim, being close to your property isn’t sufficient. It’s worth noting that claims can only be made once; you won’t be able to receive further compensation as the years go by.

The process of completing a compensation claim can seem daunting, but at Dawson & Associates, we take the hassle and stress out of the process for you. A recent client left us this testimonial following the successful completion of her compensation claim:

“Dawson& Associates gave me clear and concise advice but also listened when I needed to be heard. I would be hard placed to find a company as dedicated to helping as they were. It is refreshing to know that you have a team of diverse people from different age groups that gel so well together and it is clear to me that you have the ability to look after any client and understand your chosen field of expertise to a sublime level.

She continued: “If I was asked to describe Dawson & Associates’ services I would tell any prospective client looking for a recommendation that Dawson & Associates take your instruction and treat each client like a valued person. They provide a service that raises the expected to the exceptional in terms of excellence. They are attentive while being affordable and professional, a diamond standard.’

To find out more about our compensation claims services, please contact us here or by calling our friendly expert team on 01424 882263.