BREXIT Property Transactions/Sales

PREPARE FOR THE UPTURN by Charles Dawson, Dawson Surveyors There is no doubt that the procrastinations and uncertainly over Brexit has had a serious detrimental influence on the domestic and commercial property markets.  This has resulted in the stagnation of values and in many instances a fall.  The London market has had a significant reduction […]

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Should I get an independent survey or is my mortgage valuation enough?

There are many things to think about when buying a property and many people overlook the importance of getting their own independent survey. A lot of buyers assume that their mortgage valuation is enough, but as many later find, it isn’t sufficient for the purchaser of a home. What is a mortgage valuation? A mortgage […]

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I’m subject to a compulsory purchase order – what happens now?

What is a compulsory purchase order? A compulsory purchase order (also known as a CPO) allows specific bodies to purchase land or a building already owned by someone. This usually happens if the application is for the greater good of a local area. The application can be made by a local authority, as well as […]

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A day in the life at Dawson & Associates – Sussex based Surveyors

Louis Hawkins, a Building Surveyor at Sussex based surveyors Dawson & Associates talks us through a typical day.

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Autumn Property round up: the latest from the UK and East Sussex property market

Summer 2018 was certainly an eventful one for the UK and East Sussex property market. Recent data suggests that... Read more

Sussex Listed Property – what you need to know

Sussex Listed Property can be beautiful and can make a great investment. Listed properties do however also come with regulations, so it’s worth knowing fully what you’re getting in to before committing to buy a listed property.  You’ll want to consider everything from running costs to the permissions needed to make any alterations, so with […]

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