Should I get a professional Building Survey?

building survey
Posted on: August 28th, 2018

If you are thinking of buying a property, a professional Building Survey can give you peace of mind when it comes to the condition of the building.  As buying a property is an expensive investment, it’s always wise to seek professional and impartial advice prior to the sale. Trying to save money on what is likely to be the most significant purchase you’ll make in your lifetime by going without a professional Building Survey can end up being a very costly mistake.

There are two main types of reports that most people consider when purchasing a property; a Homebuyers Report and a Building Survey. Whilst it is down to the discretion of the buyer which report to opt for, a Building Survey is generally more comprehensive and advisable if you have an older or more unusual property or a home that isn’t a new build.

Here, our team discuss some of the pros to getting a Building Survey done before you purchase a new property:

Building Surveys

About Building Surveys

A Building Survey is an extensive report offering consideration on many factors of a property’s condition including any environmental factors and constructional issues. You can get Building Surveys from Dawson & Associates. Surveys allow for a coding system meaning recipients can easily identify the most serious or pressing issues.

Many people assume that the valuation report conducted by their mortgage lender is enough, but this report is to demonstrate to the lender whether the property is worth the price you will be paying for it. You can ask to see this report, but it will not cover sufficient details about the property’s condition for you to make an informed and considered decision about the property.

Who would a Building Survey be advisable for?

A Building Survey is advisable for anyone thinking of buying a residential building. It is especially crucial for those who are buying a property that is outside of the norm – for example a listed or especially old property or a property built in a unique way. If you have plans to renovate or the property will need major reconstruction post purchase, you would also be well advised to get a Building Survey completed.

If you are buying a flat, you may also want to consider a Building Survey as you’ll need to take in to consideration the condition of the communal areas of the building. Finding out about the servicing of facilities within the communal areas, such as lifts, is also advisable in this instance.

What will a Building Survey cover?

A professional Building Survey should cover an inspection of the overall property, as well as provide a report. You can request for a Building Survey to include additional items such as a valuation should you deem it important. A surveyor will look at all visible areas of the surveyed property and will search for anything that could be a potential problem for the buyer. If you have any specific areas of concern prior to the survey taking place, you should speak to your surveyor and ensure their attention is drawn to this so that it may be looked in to. It’s important to note that surveyors will not look in to areas that can’t be accessed and seen easily, so if you have concerns about roof areas or the inside of walls this will need to be raised separately

How much is a Building Survey?

Costs will vary depending on the property’s location and other factors such as how large or small the property is. You can get a bespoke quote for the property you are interested in by contacting Dawson & Associates.