Chartered Surveyor Dedicates Life to Ebola Sufferers

Ebola safety suits
Posted on: November 7th, 2015

Dawson & Associates are the first to admit that life is full of distractions away from the world of Building Surveys. But few can profess to a pastime quite so admirable as that of Property Surveyor Sam Grindley who has spent the last 12 months fighting the horrors of Ebola in Liberia (as reported by the Telegraph).

When asked about his dramatic change of profession from Property Surveyor to aid worker, he says “Had I known what I was going into, I may well not have done it. It’s the first time that I’ve ever put myself in this type of situation in terms of danger.”

Sam has not only assisted with the supply of water but also ensures that hygiene levels are maintained and also dealt with the burial of those worse affected. He states truly heartbreaking statistics, where one affected patient could result in the death of 10 family members.

It seems that being an International Medical Corp has very little comparison to his previous life as a Property Surveyor. But Sam’s commitment to the cause is clear to see. Though he does admit that these days it is nicer to wear chinos and a shirt whilst he is based in Freetown, rather than the protective suit of some of the earlier days.

“…now I cannot imagine doing anything else, it’s very liberating,” says Sam.

Obviously ebola is a sickness that is now recognised worldwide for its grave prognosis. Whilst in the UK we are concerned for the small number of recent cases that have dismayed the nation, numbers in Liberia have reached 10,666 with 4,806 deaths. Sierra Leone and Guinea are also suffering with casualties in the thousands.

Humanitarian aid workers obviously play a huge part in the cure and care of ebola victims but it is at great personal risk. The CDC have issued clear recommendations that help to keep workers safe with good preparation before leaving their own country.

Those of us who do wish to support the aid work but are not able to take the grand step of working on-site, could donate funds to Doctors without Borders, or similar charities.